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PlantNE: a global database of plant biomass from nitrogen‐addition experiments (Version 1.0)

Update Date: 2020-10-10


The PlantNE database records 519 plant species from 4,599 observations in 348 published studies. It covers a wide geographical range and a broad natural climate zone over the past three decades (1982–2018). Information related to the experimental site (i.e., latitude, longitude, country, ecosystem, experimental condition, temperature, and precipitation), biotic factors (i.e., species, plant category, plant age, planting pattern, and plant part), and N treatment (i.e., N dose, treatment interval and duration, and N addition with other treatments) is included in this database.


Figure 1: The global distribution of N-addition experiments (a) and the number of studies by latitude (b) in the PlantNE database.


Xu X, Lu L, Yan L, Xia J. 2019. PlantNE: a global database of plant biomass from nitrogen-addition experiments. Ecology, e02840.