We study the response and adaptation of terrestrial ecosystems to long-term climate change and short-term extreme climate and wheather events. We currenlty are interested in linking vegetation structure (e.g., species composition, plant traits, age structure) and ecosystem functions (e.g.,productivity and biogeochemistry) to improve the understanding and modelling of ecosystem dynamics in the East Asian Monsoon region. Our lab explores the fundamental mechanisms of ecosystem ecology based on multiple approaches, from site-level experiments and tower-based measurements to global-scale process-based modeling and big-data mining; We also are developing a method named traceability analysis to improve the understanding of carbon-cycle uncertainty in Earth system models.

Research Oppotunities

We are looking for highly motivated undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, and visiting scholars to join our group. You can contact me via email (jyxia at des.ecnu.edu.cn | xia.ecnu at gmail.com).